Can Gat Vell is a tranquile place where all guests can relax and enjoy their holiday. Respect and coexistence is important to us.

Learning from experience, we have established some rules in order that everyone can enjoy the house, and no one feels uncomfortable.

Please leave all property in the same state as found on arrival.


Furniture should not be moved. Any movement can break them. Kitchen equipment must be returned to the correct kitchen, together with all appliances.

Extra people:

As the property has a maximum capacity that must be respected we cannot allow visits from people who are not staying at the propertyeven though they are friends or family.


Please use water and electricity thoughtfully. In respect of heating, please turn off radiators if windows or doors are opened. Please always remember to close doors and windows and turn off the air conditioning when you leave the apartment or room. Thank you for your understanding. Water games are not permitted. The charging of electric vehicles is not allowed since the accommodation does not have an official charging point.


The pool is open between 10.00 h and 21.00 h. Please take all your personal effects such as towels etc. when you leave the pool area. Food should not be consumed in the pool area. Dive bombing is not allowed. Adults are responsible for the safety of children in the pool as well as within the rest of the property.
We would appreciate special attention being given to prevent the misuse of furniture and equipment. Also to avoid discomfort to other guests, the use of bikes, scooters or skateboards inside or outside the property is not allowed.

In the event of breakage:

please inform us immediately

Barbecues and communal areas:

Please leave the private and communal barbecues and stone tables perfectly clean after use so that other people can find them ready to use without problems. Chairs, tables etc. must be not be moved and interior furniture should not be used outside. It is not allowed to eat in the pool area nor in the porch of the Big Cottage. Please do not smoke inside the properties. Do not throw cigarette butts on the ground or in plants.

Games room:

all games should stay in the Games room and be tidied up when finished with.


Please throw all rubbish in the containers outside the property (on the left handside). And also the recycling bins are there. Rubbish must not be left in the cottages or in front of your property.


Living in a rural residential area, music is not allowed outside. Indoors, from 12pm at night parties, music or other activities that can cause noise and nuisance to other people are not allowed. Throwing firecrackers or fireworks must be done outside Can Gat Vell, in the street.


We live in the countryside so mosquitoes, flies, ants and other kind of insects are present.


Pets are not permitted in the pool and other common areas. When taken outside in the street, please keep them on a lead. Owners are responsible for the behaviour and hygiene of their pets. Please act responsibly.

By confirming and paying the booking deposit, you accept the rules of Can Gat Vell.

If the above rules are not conplied with, Can Gat Vell reserves the right of admission, as established in article 9 of Decree 200/1999 of 27 July, which regulates the right of admission in public establishments.

Thank you for your understanding. Can Gat Vell

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